• Earn 1 Benefit per month
  • 20% off all 4 – treatment laser packages
  • 20% off all Jan Marini, Elta MD, Avene, Gytone, & Revitalash products
  • 10% off all injectables (All Dysport & Restylane, and RHA Fillers)
  • Unlimited additional benefits throughout the month at our member rate
  • Rollover unused sessions for up to 3 months
  • Earn 1 extra benefit for each referral who joins

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Treatments Included In Membership

 Choice of:

  • Basic Facial
  • New Aqua facial extra $25 add on
  • New Oxygen Facial
  • Dermaplaning
  • Clarify Chemical Peel
  • Refine Chemical Peel
  • Pixel Eye Treatment
  • Eye and Lip Peel
  • “Beautiful Eyes” Rosacea Eye Treatment
  • IPL Spot Treatment
  • Skin Tightening (small area)
  • ResurFx (small area)
  • Laser Hair Removal Small Area (size of a hand:  Lip chin & sideburns, or underarm treatment)
  • Spider Vein Treatment 30 min


Aqua Facial $200 

This treatment provides a second layer of exfoliation and comes with 3 different chemical solutions that respectively smooth, clean, & brighten the skin. It is an unrivaled extraction tool, with its potent vacuum suctioning out oil, dirt, & dead skin cells while reaching deeper to extract blackheads and cleanse pores.

The modalities you can ADD to this treatment

  • Including Hot/cold: handpiece heats up to 42C, the ideal (but comfortable)temperature for widening pores for deeper cleaning. On Cold, it cools to 5C to shrink pores, reduce inflammation, and speed recovery.
  • Enriched-Oxygen Capsule: Deliver top-tier exfoliation without the risk & “sandpaper” feel of microdermabrasion. Rubbed on the skin, a gel applied prior to treatment surface kills bacteria while also boosting blood circulation cell, turnover, and product absorption.
  • Electro-ION Microcurrent: Plumps skin and gives facial muscles a “workout” through direct low-level electrical energy stimulation. This process catalyzes ATP, which speeds tissue rejuvenation while also helping contour the face.
  • Ultrasound: an ideal method for tightening the skin around the brow, chin & neck, it also helps solutions penetrate deep beyond the surface. Its most powerful benefit is subtle. Ultrasound energy hits below the dermis to catalyze collagen and elastin production, enhancing long-term skin health and feel.
  • Bi-Polar RF: (Radio Frequency)Bi-Polar RF is an extremely controlled method of targeting specific areas on the face for skin rejuvenation. The RF energy heats up the collagen in the target area to around 40-45C, which triggers the body’s natural regenerative process & energizes production. This smoothes out wrinkles, removes lines, and produces a more youthful appearance.

Oxygen Facial  $185

The Power of Oxygen is essential for all life and the life of every cell in our body, including our skin cells.

Echo2 Helps rejuvenate the essential oxygen levels in our skin to:

  • Improve the skin’s ability to repair
  • Boosts the cellular metabolism
  • Revives the skins regenerative ability
  • Increases collagen and enhances the skin’s structural proteins.
  • Reverses fine lines & wrinkles
  • Diminishes UV damage
  • Improves skin tone & texture
  • Increases skin hydration