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The ECHO2 Oxygen Infusing Treatment System maximizes the skin’s natural oxygen levels nourishing, hydrating, and rejuvenating your skin. ECHO2 is an essential monthly treatment that can also be used for post-procedure recovery after peels, laser treatments, and surgery. ECHO2 treatments are available through your local skin care professional, dermatology, or plastic surgery clinic.

    Oxygen is essential for all life and the life of every cell in our body including our skin cells. As we age our cells lose their ability to deliver enough oxygen to the skin. By age 30 the oxygen reaching the skin has declined by 25% and by the time we are fifty it is reduced to 50%. This oxygen depletion has significant and noticeable effects on our skin's health and appearance.
    Oxygen and Acne Propionibacterium acnes is a microbe that lives in the oily region of the skin's pores and can aggravate an immune response, causing acne. The acne bacteria is anaerobic, which means it's oxygen intolerant, which is why our oxygen infusion is so effective. Each case is unique and your skincare professional will recommend the ideal treatment plan for you. Our oxyceuticals facial treatments will help you achieve healthy, clear skin.

Echo2 Helps Rejuvinate the essential oxygen levels in our skin to:

  • Improve the skin's ability to repair 
  • Boosts the cellular metabolism
  • Revives the skins regenerative ability 
  • Increase collagen and enhances the skin's structural proteins 
  • Reverses fine lines & wrinkles 
  • Diminishes UV damage 
  • Improves tone & texture 
  • Increases skin hydration 

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