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HRT Treatments to Reclaim Your Health at Timarron Aesthetic Center

The medical treatment of aging men and women through the use of hormones incorporates a broad scope of therapies that we collectively refer to as endocrine restoration, hormone optimization, or Hormone Replacement Therapy ( HRT for short ). This is part of an emerging field of preventative medicine called age management medicine and Timarron Aesthetic Center and Timarron Family Medicine are proud to be on the cutting edge of safe treatment option offerings from our Southlake, TX offices.

There is a vast amount of research on the various areas that support this practice.

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adult acne treatment

The Jan Marini Approach to Adult Acne Treatment

One of the biggest skin-related myths we encounter is that acne only affects teens as they go through puberty and disappears as they approach early adulthood. Unfortunately, that is not the case for large population of people who find themselves dealing with breakouts well into their 30s, 40s, and 50s. For these adults, the pain and embarrassment of adult acne can be debilitating. At Timarron Aesthetic Center, we use a multi-step approach to adult acne treatment to help you achieve smoother, clearer skin.

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We’re Open!

Timarron Aesthetic Center is now open! We are so excited to say that in the past month, we have purchase 3 new State-of-the-Art, cutting-edge Aesthetic Devices!!  What better time to amp-up our business and give everyone a running start into the summer and the future!!!

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