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We are proud to carry the full line of Jan Marini® Skin Research medical grade skincare products!

"I'm proud of the way my skin looks and I have confidence in the quality of products that I'm putting on myself."

-Jane M.
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Jan Marini® Professional Chemical Peels

Peeling Back the Years

Jan Marini® Skin Research (JMSR) Professional Peels are a part of the minimally invasive cosmetic procedures administered at Timarron Aesthetic Center.  They pair clinical-strength peels with concentrated retinol, peptides and antioxidants to jumpstart the healing process and enhance results of your at-home Skincare Regimen and the other cosmetic treatments that are offered here.

JMSR developed the Marini Peel Systems to deliver unparalleled results to individuals seeking more aggressive treatments for primary skin concerns, such as anti-aging, uneven skin tone, sun-damage, texture concerns, skin discoloration and acne in a minimal number of treatments. Results show dramatic improvement in 1-3 treatments with consistently high satisfaction levels with minimal downtime. 

JMSR Chemical Peels are available in different strengths:

  • The Clarify Peel-Best for acne, acne scarring, darker skin
  • The Transform Peel-The most aggressive peel, addressing pigmentation, sun-damage, and skin rejuvenation.

Our Jan Marini® Peels can be used to treat most common skin concerns and are even more efficacious when used in combination with other amazing procedures and treatments offered at Timarron Aesthetic Center. 

Schedule a free consulatation and allow us to create a customized treatment plan to help you reach all of your health and beauty goals!

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