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"I had tried at-home microneedling solutions in the past, and now I can completely see why so many people choose to go the professional route. The results are impressive!"

-Jane K.
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RF Microneedling with Lumenis® Legend Pro

Dr. Lori is pleased to offer her patients a new, cutting-edge, skin rejuvenation option: Lumenis Legend Pro. In the past, you could only accomplish skin tightening by going “under the knife.” Today, Timarron Aesthetic Center offers you another personalized option that doesn’t require surgery. It’s called Lumenis Legend Pro, which is an energy-based treatment designed to provide deep skin rejuvenation with minimal pain and downtime, while offering long-term results.

Skin rejuvenation treatment isn’t just about correcting perceived beauty flaws. It’s also about turning back the hands of time and maintaining that improvement and preventing the progression of the hands of time! RF Microneedling serves to help diminish signs of aging as they arise by tightening moderately loose skin around the face, neck, chest or other areas of the body (think knees, legs, abdomen, etc!) treating wrinkles, and rejuvenating collagen!

Lumenis® Legend Pro offers the following benefits and more:

  1. Targets multiple layers, getting to the root causes of skin aging.
  2. Promotes collagen and elastin for healthy, lasting results.
  3. Provides immediate visual improvement in facial appearance.
  4. Causes minimal pain.
  5. Enhances the skin’s natural healing process.
  6. Offers clinically proven RF thermal skin regeneration technology.
  7. Promotes deep rejuvenation through MULTIPLE layers of skin, INCLUDING MUSCLE ACTIVATION!
  8. Provides long-term results.
  9. Offers personalized, tailor-made results for each patient.
  10. Offers minimal downtime for recovery.

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With Lumenis® Legend Pro, you can enjoy skin beauty benefits that were once only available through surgery without the following negative associations with surgical procedures:

  • Putting your body through the shock of an invasive surgical procedure.
  • Going to the expense of a cosmetic surgery procedure.
  • Experiencing the risks surgery poses (not just the risk of botched procedures, but also the risks to your health and life).
  • Scars and other visible reminders of the surgical procedure.
  • Extensive recovery requiring more time off work and off your feet.

Lumenis Legend Pro eliminates the risks associated with cosmetic surgery while achieving results similar to what cosmetic surgery delivers. You’re getting the best of both worlds at a fraction of the costs and with far fewer risks.

What is Lumenis® Legend Pro?

Skin rejuvenation with the Lumenis® Legend Pro is a combination treatment powered by 4 clinically-proven complimentary technologies.  It uses RF energy to promote healthy skin regeneration and intense skin tightening by treating all layers of the skin, from the deep (SMAS) muscle all the way to the surface of the skin.

Lumenis® Legend Pro is a face and body platform offering a comfortable solution with immediate results, long-term, efficacy, minimal pain and downtime, with no need for anesthesia. It combines 4 innovative technologies based on RF current, so we have a complete toolkit for tailor-made sessions, allowing us to meet all of your expectations.

How Does Lumenis® Legend Pro Work?

Lumenis® Legend Pro is a revolutionary treatment combining two powerful, clinically-proven treatments into a single treatment session.

  1. TriPollar® RF, which triggers the regeneration of elastin fibers and collagen through radiofrequency energy by delivering controlled heating of the deep skin layer (dermis)
  2. VoluDerm™ RF, which activates your body’s natural healing process through radio-frequency assisted ultra-thin electrodes thermal ablation to generate new and healthy skin.
  3. DMA Muscle energy has the ability to treat the skin from within, toning the muscles of the face (SMAS) and the body.
What kind of results can I expect?

The combination of these three technologies within the Lumenis Legend Pro results in resurfacing of the upper layers of skin for instant visible results and underlying promotion of collagen and elastin below the surface for sustainable results.

Lumenis Legend Pro is cutting edge technology in the world of skin rejuvenation. The results are instantly visible and quite remarkable. Even better is that this treatment promotes continuous rejuvenation for extended periods of time. This means the results will not rapidly diminish, as is the case with some other forms of treatment.

What is the best treatment protocol?

To get maximum results from your treatment, you should repeat the treatment between three and five times with intervals of four to six weeks between treatments. You will experience immediate, stunning results. If you want to maximize your results, though, it is important to complete the treatment regimen.

The treatments last approximately 30 minutes and you may return to your normal routine immediately after the treatment. Some patients experience redness or swelling immediately afterward, and some may experience minor scabbing. This is normal and temporary, and can be covered with cosmetics.

Who is the ideal Candidate?

Anyone who is concerned by the appearance of deeper lines and wrinkles, loose or sagging skin on the face, neck, or body; or anyone seeking to have more youthful and beautiful skin is the ideal candidate. Beautiful skin offers many benefits that go much further than skin deep, including:

  • Greater confidence
  • Better self-assurance
  • Career benefits and opportunities
  • Improved social performance
  • Boosted mental health and wellbeing

While the treatment itself offers minimal pain and practically zero downtime, it is not the right choice for everyone.The following people are not ideal candidates for treatment with Lumenis Legend Pro:

  • Patients with pacemaker
  • Patients with defibrillators
  • Patients with any implanted electronic devices
  • Patients with metal implants in or around the treatment areas

While complications are rare with this particular skin rejuvenation treatment, they may include the following:

  • Damage to your natural skin texture
  • Skin redness
  • Swelling
  • Bruising
  • Itching

Schedule Your Lumenis® Legend Pro Skin Rejuvenation Treatment at Timarron Aesthetic Center!

Dr. Lori is excited to offer this cutting-edge technology to her current and prospective patients. Because she knows the decision to go through skin rejuvenation treatment is a highly personal choice, she encourages you to schedule a consultation with her to learn more about the benefits of Lumenis Legend Pro and ask any questions you may have.

Microneedling with PRP

You can amp up your results by using PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) with your SkinPen Procedure.  PRP is obtained by drawing your blood and spinning it to separate the your red blood cells from your Plasma (which we refer to as “liquid gold”).  The Platelet Rich Plasma portion of your blood concentrates your body’s powerful healing components which, when applied to your skin during your SkinPen procedure, amplify the healing cascade and lead to even more impressive results!

Long-lasting results are possible with a plan developed by the experts at Timarron Aesthetic Center.  We will discuss if this option is the right fit for you, discuss a customized treatment plan, and answer your questions at your free consultation!

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